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Statewide PPO Network

Participants of the Self-funded PPO Plan have access to the Statewide PPO Network offered through a partnership with Hometown Health and Sierra Health-Care Options. This comprehensive provider network offers more than 4,000 of Nevada's finest physicians, hospitals and ancillary providers.

Whether you live in Las Vegas, Pahrump, Paradise Valley, Beatty or Battle Mountain, you can access contracted providers in Statewide PPO Network. In addition to the Statewide PPO Network, Self-funded PPO Plan participants have the option of using a national PPO network, First Health. The First Health network offers you and your family a comprehensive network of over 480,000 nationwide. Whether you reside outside of Nevada, have a child attending college in another state, or perhaps you or one of your covered family members wish to access medical care in another state, you have that option.

Participants enrolled in Hometown Health Plan or Health Plan of Nevada are eligible for expanded statewide provider access. These plans have a special network reciprocity agreement that allows HMO members to utilize both networks under certain circumstances. Reciprocity applies when traveling to/from northern/southern Nevada and for dependents who are away at school in either the northern or southern part of the state. Expanded access is based on the primary participantís designated HMO plan provisions. The designated planís pre-authorization requirements and referral guidelines still apply as described in the specific HMO plan document.

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